What Is Coating, Should I Be Doing It?

coated sign


What Is Coating, Should I Be Doing It?        


Coating is one of the steps involved in screen-printing. Coating is the process of using ink on materials to change or make specific background colors.


Sometimes when producing your sign we need to coat the material (aluminum or polyethylene) a particular color.  The heavier gauge aluminum comes in .032, .063 and .080.   The majority of our aluminum comes with a white enamel baked finish.  If you'd like your sign to have a colored background vs. a white background, we will have to coat the material in whatever color you choose.


If you want plastic in a color that the plastic does not come in, the same applies.  Generally, when we coat plastic we coat white plastic because the color we are coating will be truer on white.  We only coat the front of the material the color of your choice. The backside and sides of the sign will remain white.


For the majority of coated materials there is an additional charge.  The exception to this is the .012 aluminum.  This material comes to us bare, so regardless, we have to coat it.