Vehicle Lettering or Graphics, Which One Do I Need?

Vehicle Lettering or Graphics, Which One Do I Need?


There are a few different ways you can use a vehicle/trailer to display your message. It can be anything from a simple phone number, to a very detailed logo or image.


Full Vehicle Wrap – Covers the entire surface of the vehicle and is a vinyl adhesive sheet that is printed with your desired artwork.  A full vehicle wrap allows for full use of the vehicle’s exterior for maximum advertising impact.  This type of wrap is applied directly over the paint without damaging the surface.  Installing can take up to 4 days.

Full Vehicle Wrap


Partial Vehicle Wrap – Covers 50% - 75% of the vehicle’s surface and will leave the original paint color exposed. Can take 1-4 days to install depending on the level of coverage.

Partial Vehicle Wrap


Vehicle Lettering With Graphics – This combines contour cut lettering with full color graphics and typically has less coverage than the Partial Vehicle Wrap.  This will expose more of you vehicle’s paint color.

vehicle lettering with graphics


Vehicle Lettering – The process of applying vinyl cut letters to your vehicle.  Available in a wide range of colored cut vinyl.  Takes 1-2 days to install.

vehicle lettering


Some things to consider are how much information you need to display, what the paint color of your vehicle is and what type of budget you have set.