Full Color Custom Tents


Full Color Custom Tents       

Custom tents are a portable, highly visible way to market your brand while also having a practical application of being visible in crowed areas. 


Some things to consider when looking at tents:


Minimal Use Tent


  • If you are looking for a minimal use tent a lighter frame and canopy will save you some money.
  • There is no storage system (bag with wheels)
  • Will have dome shaped metal buttons for the locking system.


Moderate to Heavy Use Tent


  • Will have hexagon shaped legs for added strength.
  • Thicker frame & canopy with minimal weight increase.
  • Heavy duty locking system to reduce pinch points.
  • Will come with a storage system (bag w/wheels).


Tent walls are often sold separately and can help with high wind areas as well as providing a level of security.


A 10’ X 10’ tent size is the most common.


Tents can be used for trade shows, office functions, sporting events or even parties at your home.


Some other tent sizes that are commonly available are 10’ X 15’ and 10’ X 20’.

10' X 15' Custom Tent                        10' X 20' Custom Tent


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