Set Up Charges For Screen Printed Signs

Screen Print

Set Up Charges For Screen Printed Signs      


Set-Up Charges include the film(s), screen(s) and the graphic designers time.  The set up charge only includes time for the artwork if we get the artwork in a useable format or the artwork is very simple to redo.  Otherwise there may be additional art charges to redo your artwork.  Art-charges are charged at an hourly rate, in addition to the set up charges.

When we screen print signs we need to print a film that is used to make the screen that goes on the press with the ink to produce your sign.  If you are doing a multiple color sign there will be a film and screen for each color.

The cost of this film and screen is part of what is included in the set-up charges.  If you change the sign in any way that changes the artwork such as the size we will need to print new films & screens.  When we do this we need to charge a set-up charge for the new films & screens that we make.

If you make another type of change to the artwork, other than the size, we need to charge for each film & screen that is remade.  For example if you have a black, red & blue sign and you change some text that is black and red we will need to charge for the black and red film & screen.

The easiest way to remember is that anything that changes the artwork itself will incur some type of set up charge.  Print colors can be changed at no extra charge as long as you don’t change the NUMBER of print colors.