Can Signs Be Too Reflective For Your Snowmobile Trails?

Reflective Snowmobile Trail Signs

Can Signs Be Too Reflective For Your Snowmobile Trails?


The short answer is yes.  We offer our snowmobile signs in beaded reflective and reflective sheeting (for more information see our Beaded Reflective Signs Vs. Reflective Sheeting article)  Both the Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting and the beaded reflective provide ample reflectivity for snowmobile trails.


Occasionally we have people request High Intensity Prismatic Reflective sheeting for their snowmobile signs and we actually try to discourage this.  HIP is actually more commonly seen on road signage.  It will actually be too reflective for snowmobile trails.  If a sign is too reflective it can be blinding to the rider.  Snowmobile trails are narrow and turns come up fast so many times when the riders light hits a sign they are actually pretty close to it, unlike when your driving in your car on a road.  This can be dangerous if the sign is too reflective.


Beaded reflective signs and Engineer Grade Prismatic signs provide ample reflectivity for your snowmobile trails.  More isn’t always better. We are finding that more snowmobile clubs are leaning towards the Engineer Grade Prismatic signs over the beaded reflective.


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