The Importance of Posted Signs

The Importance of Posted Signs

 Posted Signs

Posted signs allow the landowner or lawful occupant to clearly let the public know that their property is private and/or restricted.  Property can be posted for many different reasons.  For example, you can post property to restrict all access/trespassing or you can post property to restrict only certain activities such as hunting or fishing ect.   You can also post part of your property to restrict access only to certain areas.


Posting property is also important to organizations, such as The Nature Conservancy; it allows them to let visitors know where their boundaries are and what activities are allowed in certain areas.  Some organizations also put posted signs up to let the public know that hunting is allowed.  This is important so that other pedestrians using the land, such as hikers, are aware that they may come across hunters.  Also it is important for the hunters to know that hiking trails run through the area.


It is important to remember that different states, counties, towns ect. have different regulations regarding posted signs.  For example, the New York State DEC states, “Signs must bear the name and address of the owner, lawful occupant or other person or organization authorized to post the area. The sign must bear a conspicuous statement, which shall either consist of the word "POSTED" or warn against entry for specified purposes or all purposes without the consent of the person whose name appears on the sign. These words must cover a minimum space of 80 square inches (about 9 by 9 inches) of the sign.”  Each locality has varying regulations so it is important to check with the local governing body.

Posted Sign Imprint


If unsure always check with the governing body for your area, typically the Department of Environmental Conservation or similar.


For more information check out our regulation resources section on our website.