Rubber Sign Bases

Rubber Sign Bases


These are great for signage that you would like to be able to move in your parking lot, or anywhere else that it would benefit you to have a sign that can easily be moved.  These bases will withstand high winds and will not chip or break.


We have the bases available in 30# or 60# sizes and they are all made from recycled tires so you are helping the environment as well.  There will be fewer tires in the landfills, 8 tires for every 60# base!

30# sign base60# Sign Base


There are optional 5’ PVC post or 4’ U-channel posts that will attach to the bases allowing for easy sign attachment.

Base with PVC Post60# Sign Base With U-channel attachment4' u-channel attachment for rubber base


In addition, they are available with or without wheels.


If you are looking for an economical solution for a moveable sign that will withstand some wind, these may be a good option for you.


Please visit our website bases page for more information.