Tree Identification Tags

Tree Identification Tags
Our Tree Identification Tags can be useful for helping to educate people on your trail system or property about the trees that reside there.  
We have 161 species available on our tree tags.  These tags are 4” X 6” and are printed on .070 gauge plastic.  They have an ivory background with green print.  If you do not see the tree that you need in our list we can produce custom tree tags as well.  If it is a tree that we have done for someone else before we may already have the artwork, however, if we have not done the one you would like before you will need to supply us with the artwork that you would like on the tag.
Custom tree tags are priced per job and will not follow the stock tree tag price list that is in the catalog or on the website.
Custom and stock tree tags can be done in different sizes and materials, however, anything that varies from our 4” X 6”, .070 plastic tag will be a custom sign with custom pricing even if the artwork is from one of our stock tree tags.
Custom tree tags are also digitally printed, as this is the most cost effective way to print them.
We receive many questions regarding how to mount tree tags.  They can be mounted to the tree itself or on a 4” x 4” post.  The .070 gauge plastic is self-supporting so a smaller mounting post would work as well.  It’s really personal preference and often times depends on what you have available.  The tree tags come with 4 holes that are 1/8” diameter in the corners.

We had a customer send us the picture below of a method that they have used that works well for mounting tree tags.

Tree Tag Mounting

Please visit our website for a complete listing of Tree Identification Tags that we stock.