Field Stakes (A New Product Offered By Voss Signs)

Field Stakes

Field Stakes (A New Product Offered By Voss Signs)


I know it is still summer but we are excited about this new product that we are going to be able to offer. 

Field Stakes will be available in a length of 6 feet and bright orange, made out of a durable plastic material that will not crack or break.  White reflective bands will be available at an additional cost and will not be applied. 

It is important that your snowmobile trails are double staked so that riders are aware of where the trail is, especially when riding through open fields.  Landowners aren’t too happy when snowmobilers go off the trail, in addition, it could be dangerous.  You cannot see what is under the snow so it is important to stay on the marked trails. 

We will be marketing Field Stakes to New York State snowmobile clubs.  These poles are going to be more cost effective than what we currently carry.

If you have questions or are interested please give us a call at 800-473-0698.