Banners are a simple and easy way to get your message across no matter what it may be.  They can be display in various ways and can be used as a focal point or backdrop for an event or specific area.

There are a few different options when deciding on the type and size of banner.  One of the options is chosing between different weights (thickness).  For example, the most common thickness is 13oz vinyl, which comes with a gloss finish.  If you are using a banner for a backdrop or in photographs, the 15oz matte finish option would be best.  The matte finish is non-gloss and absorbs light.

When using a banner outdoors, there is a chance of windy or less than perfect conditions.  In these cases, there is the option of using wind slits in the banner.  Wind slits are simply half moon cut outs that allow the wind to pass through.  The other popular option is using mesh banner, which can let up to 30% of the wind pass through.

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