Perforated Vinyl For Car Windows

Perforated Vinyl For Car Windows

Perforated Vinyl for car windows is a similar idea to window tint.  It makes it difficult to see inside from the exterior, but you can see from the inside looking out.

The material can be laminated, however, we tend not to do this because it causes haziness when you look out from the inside.

This material is ideal for rear and side windows but not for front doors or windshields.  Also if you have perforated vinyl on your rear window it is suggested that you not use your rear wiper if your vehicle has one.  It will leave black streaks and will eventually tear the film.

This can be a great way to advertise for your business or even just for your own use if you don’t want to purchase a full vehicle wrap.  If used for this purpose many people do just the rear window.  It is easily visible for everyone that is driving behind you.

Please visit our vehicle wrap page for more information.