Making An Impression With Your Signs

Sign Impressions

Making An Impression With Your Signs

Your goal should be to make an impression with your signs.  People are more likely to remember your message if it makes an impression on them.

Some ways that you can do this may be to use some different graphics or images that people will remember.  It will make your sign more memorable than using only text.  If you try to use some humor on your sign people are also more likely to remember it.  People remember something makes them laugh or amuses them. 

Keeping the message simple will also help.  If your message is too detailed or difficult to understand your sign may be readily forgotten.  If there is too much information people stop reading well before they get to the end.  If your message is simple and concise people will be able to read it without even trying.

You also want your sign to stand out from others that are around it.  If there are too many signs in one particular area they can all blend in together.  At that point they may all go unnoticed.  You know what they say “too much of a good thing”. 

Keep your signs interesting, concise and add some humor.

Furthermore, if your signs are bright and colorful that will often attract more attention.  Using colors that contrast well will make your signs stand out.

Remember that noticeable signs are memorable!