O.L.E.I.S Signage

O.L.E.I.S Signs

O.L.E.I.S stands for Onondaga Law Enforcement Information System.  O.L.E.I.S signs are a requirement of this organization when you get an alarm system.  It is the responsibility of the alarm company to forward the appropriate application.  Once this is accomplished, you will receive a packet, which will include your permit along with your O.L.E.I.S number.  It is your responsibility to obtain your O.L.E.I.S plaque, unless your alarm company provided one.  (A list of engravers is included in your packet for your convenience).  Any changes in your information should be made through your alarm system company.

O.L.E.I.S signs are 6” X 4” on 1/16” engraving stock.  The sign will be red with white lettering that will include the O.L.E.I.S text and the number assigned.

Your O.L.E.I.S sign can either be propped up in the window, facing outward or you can buy the clear sticky tabs from the hardware or craft store and stick them to each corner of the face of the sign.  The sign can then be stuck to the window.

Please call us at 800-473-0698 if you have any further questions or visit The Onondaga County Sheriff's Alarm Enforcement Unit web page.