Why is it important to have signage on my snowmobile/ATV trails?

Why Is It Important To Have Signage On My Snowmobile/ATV Trails?

Why is it important to have signage on my snowmobile/ATV trails?

Safety is the biggest reason to have appropriate signage on snowmobile and ATV trails. 

Signs warn of sharp curves, culverts, barbed wire, ice, highway-crossings ect.  All of these situations and many more can cause serious injury if a rider is unaware of a potential danger ahead of them.  It is also important to realize that snowmobile and ATV riders are usually riding with some speed so an accident could happen very quickly if they are unaware of any dangers ahead. 

In addition, snowmobile signs also serve the obvious purpose of marking the trails so that riders do not get lost.

Snowmobile signs allow for posting of speed limits, food, gas and other types of information that riders may need or want to know.

This type of signage is reflective because for snowmobiling, in particular, there is a great deal of nighttime riding. 

Some of the snowmobile/ATV signs are similar to road signage.  It serves the same type of purpose.  It tells you to stop at intersections or that a sharp curve is ahead.  Just like you want to slow down for a sharp curve when driving your car you want to do the same thing when riding a snowmobile.

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You can also visit New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for more information regarding Snowmobile Education.