Vehicle Wrap FAQ's

Vehicle Wrap FAQ's

Applying a vehicle wrap to your vehicle is a great way to have a mobile advertisement for your business.  Sometimes a simple design is more effective.  If the design is too busy it can be difficult to determine what message is trying to be sent.

There are some technical issues to keep in mind when considering a vehicle wrap.

Over-exposure to sun/heat is what breaks down vinyl graphics after a period of time.  The roof and hood tend to be the first to go.  Graphics will start to fade and then the laminate will begin to crack.

Wrapping over rust is never a good idea.  The vinyl will not adhere well and can cause those areas to rust quicker as moisture will be trapped on the oxidation area.

Wraps are meant for factory paint without damage prior to the installation.  Aftermarket paint jobs from a body shop are just sprayed from a paint gun.  OEM paints use ionized metal surface areas that 'suck' paint to the substrate.  This type of painting process typically has a stronger bond to the surface than a paint job from a spray gun.  If your vehicle is repainted, we will need a minimum of two weeks for the fresh paint to fully cure.

Touchless car washes are recommended.  You can pressure wash at your own risk.  If pressure washing make sure that you stay away from the edges of the wrap with the pressure stream.

The laminate on the vehicle graphics wipes clean very easily, with just a damp towel.

As far as waxing there are special products on the market for vinyl wraps and graphics.

Written with help from Jason Todd