Staff Bio (Rebecca Hartz) Sales Department

Rebecca Hartz

We have decided to start adding some biographies to our blog for our staff members so that you can get to know us a little better.  I figured, might as well start with mine!

An Unconventional Path

By Rebecca Hartz

When I was a wet behind the ears freshman in the Equine Studies Program at Cazenovia College, many years ago, I never would have dreamed that my future would have included working for Voss Signs.  I had been involved in the Equine Industry or an offshoot of it for 30 years from childhood to adulthood.

At some point along the way I decided I needed a change, while working I began pursuing my MBA at SUNY Oswego.  A few years after graduating I heard through the grape vine that Voss Signs was hiring in their sales department.  This intrigued me. It would be the first job I had ever had outside of the industry I had spend some many years in, including my childhood.

I interviewed for the job and immediately felt a connection with the company.  Voss Signs is a small family run company that prides itself on producing a quality product and excellent customer service.

My past experience makes me driven to try new things and get things done.   Working in the Equine Industry there is no leaving it until tomorrow.  This has given me a strong work ethic and level of responsiveness to our customers.  I bring that drive and ambition to work everyday to make sure our customers get what they need while trying to help the company move progressively forward.

In my free time I herd sheep with my border collies, hike, horseback ride, fat bike ride, snowmobile & dirt bike ride.  Pretty much anything that allows me to be outside.  Many of these adventures allow me to also experience our signs out in the "real world".  This is a pretty gratifying experience to see our signs on the trails that I hike or ride on across the country.

Have an awesome day and I hope that I will be working with you soon on your next sign project!