Reflective (3M reflective sheeting or beaded reflective) Vs Non-Reflective

Reflective Vs Non-Reflective Signs

Reflective (3M reflective sheeting or beaded reflective) Vs Non-Reflective

A reflective sign is only reflective at night.  If your sign really only needs to be seen during the day making them reflective will not make them more visible and a non-reflective sign will work fine.

Furthermore, a reflective sign needs to have a light (e.g. headlight or flashlight) shining on it in order to see it.  They will not be reflective without being acted upon by an outside light source.

There are two types of reflective material that we use, 3M reflective sheeting or reflective beading.  The main differences between the two are cost and level of reflectivity.  Reflective sheeting comes in different grades: Engineer Grade, Engineer Grade Prismatic or High Intensity Prismatic.  Engineer Grade or Engineer Grade Prismatic is usually reflective enough for what most people need.  High Intensity is more often seen on road signs and is typically too reflective for something such as a snowmobile trail.

Reflective beading is slightly less reflective than the Engineer Grade but is typically less costly and many people find this to be a good option for trail markers or some snowmobile trails ect., again if they need to be seen at night.  Unlike the reflective sheeting that is shiny and smooth the reflective beading will feel like mild sandpaper if you run your hand over it.