Sign & Digital Graphics Article Hurricane Harvey

We came across this article in the Sign & Digital Graphics Daily News letter and thought that it was worth repeating.  Our hearts go out to those dealing with this tragedy in Texas.


Texas Sign Association Taking Donations to Help Members Affected by Harvey

September 1, 2017

Sign associations and others involved in the sign and graphics industry from across the U.S. have been reaching out and contacting the Texas Sign Association and asking how they can help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, according to Leona Stabler, executive director of the Bryan, Texas-based nonprofit.

“They are being very supportive. We’re receiving help from all over the country,” Stabler says. “The sign industry is a fabulous industry and people are really stepping up to open up their pocketbooks and their hearts. It’s just a fabulous industry and people are being very generous.”

She’s been contacted from individual sign shops from as far away as Canada, she says.

Stabler says the TSA has approximately 300 members—not just in Texas—and about 130 of those are in the affected areas.

“Houston’s one of our larger areas for members,” Stabler says. “I think there’s 90 in Houston alone.”

The help needed is immediate, although at this time only the Red Cross, first responders and other emergency personnel are able to get into the affected areas, she says.

She says she’s not been able to be in touch with many of her members in the affected areas because of the widespread power outages caused by the storm, but she suspects that many will have horror stories to tell.

“Some of these printers are a couple hundred thousand dollars, and they have to cycle every so often or they go out,” Stabler says.

So, helping pay off a shop’s insurance deductible is one of the way she hopes the TSA can help. It will also help hire people to clean up a shop and make repairs, rent equipment so they can return to serving customers as fast as possible, etc. Anything that is needed, she says.

“We’re trying to be as open as possible to what they need,” Stabler says.

The TSA will also help with individual donations for shop owners and their employees—anything from fundamental living necessities such as toiletries and food to money to rent a place to live while their home is being repaired.

"The plan is to use a portion of the money for personal items, razors, toilet paper, tooth brushes, diapers, etc. that are an immediate need," Stabler wrote in an email she has been sending out to other associations. "We plan to set up in four corners of Houston for employees to pick up items. We will be shipping directly to the Corpus (Christi) and Victoria area as we don't have the resources to to a drop in those areas. Distributors will be assisting with pickup area and trucking the items in."

Karen Warr is executive director of the Mid-South Sign Association. Based in Winchester, Tennessee, the association covers Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana. She says she believes her group has about 55 sign shops as members in Louisiana. She hadn’t heard of any widespread problems as of Thursday, she says, but she has been emailing members asking if they needed assistance. In the meantime, she says, her organization is encouraging people to donate through the TSA.

To donate through the TSA’s website click HERE.

If you’d like to make a donation by mail with a check, the TSA’s address is:

Texas Sign Association

1200 Braircrest

Suite 3000

Bryan, Texas 77802