Plastic Vs Aluminum

Plastic Vs Aluminum

Plastic Vs. Aluminum, Which is Right for You?

The two biggest differences between aluminum and plastic signs are the price and longevity.

Typically aluminum signs are more costly than plastic signs.  However, aluminum signs will last for approx. 15-20 years before they begin to fade.  Plastic will last approx. 7-10 years before they begin to fade.  Many times the signs will go longer if they are in areas where they are not receiving a lot of direct sunlight.  For example if the signs are in a largely wooded area they will fade at a slower rate.

Blues & Reds do tend to fade faster than the other colors.

The above information pertains to screen printed signs if the signs are digitally printed please see screen printing vs. digital printing.

There are safety issues to keep in mind when trying to decide between aluminum and plastic.  For example you may not want to use aluminum on your snowmobile trails, ATV trails, dirt bike trails, ect. in case someone hits them.  The heavier gauge aluminum signs are pretty sturdy and could hurt someone if they run into them.  The plastic is a safer bet for this type of application.

We also suggest that aluminum signs, .032 gauge or greater, the corners be rounded.  The corners can be sharp on this material and unless they are being mounted on a surface such as a wall the corners will stick out and be sharp.