Voss Signs Field Stakes, Part 2

Voss Signs Field Stakes, Part 2   To follow up from our post back in June.        Our field stakes are made of high-density polyethylene plastic.  They are hollow and are 1 ¼” diameter by 6’ long.  The wall of the snow pole is roughly 1/8” thick.  3” X 5” white reflective strips can be purchased separately.  The strips are not applied.   We sell our stakes in minimum quantities of 100.   These stakes are perfect for snowmobile & ski trails, target ranges or anywhere that distances need to be marked or measured.   Due to the stakes being hollow, they pound into the ground easier.  They are also flexible and if hit will not shatter or crack. Read More

Vehicle Lettering or Graphics, Which One Do I Need?

Vehicle Lettering or Graphics, Which One Do I Need?   There are a few different ways you can use a vehicle/trailer to display your message. It can be anything from a simple phone number, to a very detailed logo or image.   Full Vehicle Wrap – Covers the entire surface of the vehicle and is a vinyl adhesive sheet that is printed with your desired artwork.  A full vehicle wrap allows for full use of the vehicle’s exterior for maximum advertising impact.  This type of wrap is applied directly over the paint without damaging the surface.  Installing can take up to 4 days.   Partial Vehicle Wrap – Covers 50% - 75% of the vehicle’s surface and will leave the original paint color exposed. Can take 1-4 days to install depending on the level of coverage.   Vehicle Lettering With Graphics – This combines contour cut lettering with full color… Read More

Is There A Difference Between A Reverse Print & Coating?

Is There A Difference Between A Reverse Print & Coating?   A reverse print, is when the entire sign is almost completely covered with the print color of your choice. Instead of going all the way to the edge of the sign, the print color will stop right before the edges, leaving a small border. The border, and the text/imagery you want shown on your sign, will be the material color showing through the print color. (See example above) Coating is when we coat the entire surface of the material all the way to the edge, with the color ink of your choice. This is done when you want your background to be a specific color, and print color to be another. Once your material is coated and dry, we then screenprint the text/imagery you want put on your sign with the print color(s) of your choice. (See example above)… Read More

What Is Coating, Should I Be Doing It?

  What Is Coating, Should I Be Doing It?           Coating is one of the steps involved in screen-printing. Coating is the process of using ink on materials to change or make specific background colors.   Sometimes when producing your sign we need to coat the material (aluminum or polyethylene) a particular color.  The heavier gauge aluminum comes in .032, .063 and .080.   The majority of our aluminum comes with a white enamel baked finish.  If you'd like your sign to have a colored background vs. a white background, we will have to coat the material in whatever color you choose.   If you want plastic in a color that the plastic does not come in, the same applies.  Generally, when we coat plastic we coat white plastic because the color we are coating will be truer on white.  We only coat the front of the material the color of… Read More

Using Signage To Create A Positive Customer Experience.

  Using Signage To Create A Positive Customer Experience   Customers need information in order to make informed decisions.  Signs aid in conveying this information.  For example, the most obvious piece of information customers are looking for is pricing or cost.  Signs can be used to create price lists or tags depending on the product and how it is being displayed.   In addition, signs will also tell customers where to find the products/people/service that they are looking for in the form of directional signs.  Your local nursery probably has signs telling you where to go to find a particular plant.   On a different scale, state parks will use signs to tell their customers where their trails are and how to navigate them.   In any of these instances, if signs were not used you would have very frustrated customers that are unable to find what they are looking… Read More

Full Color Custom Tents

Full Color Custom Tents        Custom tents are a portable, highly visible way to market your brand while also having a practical application of being visible in crowed areas.    Some things to consider when looking at tents:   Minimal Use Tent   If you are looking for a minimal use tent a lighter frame and canopy will save you some money. There is no storage system (bag with wheels) Will have dome shaped metal buttons for the locking system.   Moderate to Heavy Use Tent   Will have hexagon shaped legs for added strength. Thicker frame & canopy with minimal weight increase. Heavy duty locking system to reduce pinch points. Will come with a storage system (bag w/wheels).   Tent walls are often sold separately and can help with high wind areas as well as providing a level of security.   A 10’ X 10’ tent size is the most… Read More

Set Up Charges For Screen Printed Signs

Set Up Charges For Screen Printed Signs         Set-Up Charges include the film(s), screen(s) and the graphic designers time.  The set up charge only includes time for the artwork if we get the artwork in a useable format or the artwork is very simple to redo.  Otherwise there may be additional art charges to redo your artwork.  Art-charges are charged at an hourly rate, in addition to the set up charges. When we screen print signs we need to print a film that is used to make the screen that goes on the press with the ink to produce your sign.  If you are doing a multiple color sign there will be a film and screen for each color. The cost of this film and screen is part of what is included in the set-up charges.  If you change the sign in any way that changes the artwork such as… Read More

Banner Stands

Banner Stands    While more commonly known as retractable banner stands or roll up banners, these products all have a few things in common.  The first commonality is portability, followed by easy of use. Functionally, the retractable or roll up banner stand stores the graphic inside a metal housing that also acts as the base of the display.   Similar to a window shade, the graphic pulls out of the base on a tensioned rod.  When fully extended the graphic is attached to a metal pole that is inserted in the base.  Depending on what the particular need is, you can either use a telescoping rod that adjusts the height of the graphic or a solid one at a specific height. Given the ease of operation, limited space needed to display and affordable cost.  Banner stands are a great option to help draw people into your booth, event or your advertisement.… Read More

What Is Branding & Why Is It Important?

What Is Branding & Why Is It Important?   We recently did some minor re-branding of our company and thought you might find this article useful if you need to brand your business.     Read More

Can Signs Be Too Reflective For Your Snowmobile Trails?

Can Signs Be Too Reflective For Your Snowmobile Trails?   The short answer is yes.  We offer our snowmobile signs in beaded reflective and reflective sheeting (for more information see our Beaded Reflective Signs Vs. Reflective Sheeting article)  Both the Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting and the beaded reflective provide ample reflectivity for snowmobile trails.   Occasionally we have people request High Intensity Prismatic Reflective sheeting for their snowmobile signs and we actually try to discourage this.  HIP is actually more commonly seen on road signage.  It will actually be too reflective for snowmobile trails.  If a sign is too reflective it can be blinding to the rider.  Snowmobile trails are narrow and turns come up fast so many times when the riders light hits a sign they are actually pretty close to it, unlike when your driving in your car on a road.  This can be dangerous if the… Read More

Snow Pole, Field Stakes

Snow Pole, Field Stakes   We offer Snow Pole Field Stakes for marking snowmobile trails or other winter sports.  They are 6’ long and bright orange in color.  The diameter of the pole is 1 ¼” and the thickness of the wall is slightly less than 1/8”.  They are hollow throughout allowing for easier installation into the ground.   These field stakes are made of polyethylene so they will not crack or split and can be returned to their normal state if they are impacted.   We are offering these field states in minimum quantities of 100.   A 3” X 5” white reflective strip is available at an additional cost and they are not applied.  These need to be purchased in quantities of 100.       Read More

Permadisc Marking Discs

Permadisc Marking Discs Permadiscs are used to primarily mark ski trails.  They are die cut and are made to fit over a SnowPole.  These are ideal. You can easily move them around as needed.  They are good to use to mark trails for certain events because they can be easily removed after the event is over.   The permadiscs also have two holes on the top so they can be mounted on a flat surface.    Permadiscs can be a strong part of your safety program as they often warn of impending dangers along the ski trail or are used to provide direction.   Permadisc Marking Discs are 9 ½” in diameter and are made on our .050 gauge plastic.  The ones we stock are orange with black print.   We can also make custom permadiscs if you are looking for something with different text or colors.  Please visit our… Read More

The Importance of Posted Signs

The Importance of Posted Signs   Posted signs allow the landowner or lawful occupant to clearly let the public know that their property is private and/or restricted.  Property can be posted for many different reasons.  For example, you can post property to restrict all access/trespassing or you can post property to restrict only certain activities such as hunting or fishing ect.   You can also post part of your property to restrict access only to certain areas.   Posting property is also important to organizations, such as The Nature Conservancy; it allows them to let visitors know where their boundaries are and what activities are allowed in certain areas.  Some organizations also put posted signs up to let the public know that hunting is allowed.  This is important so that other pedestrians using the land, such as hikers, are aware that they may come across hunters.  Also it is important for… Read More

Feather Banners

Feather Banners            Feather Banners are a great way to advertise your business or event.  They are eye catching and can be single or double sided.  The wind will catch them and make them move, which will draw a potential customers eye in.    They are available in small (9.84’), Medium (15.75’) or Large (16.4’).  They come with a spike for in ground installation or you can purchase an X-base fore sidewalk placement.    You can use multiple feather banners of different sizes to create a visually vibrant display.   The feather banner should be designed in a way that is simple and easy for a potential customer to determine the message.  If they are too “busy” it can make determining the message difficult.   Please visit our feather banner page on our website for more information. Read More

Rubber Sign Bases

Rubber Sign Bases   These are great for signage that you would like to be able to move in your parking lot, or anywhere else that it would benefit you to have a sign that can easily be moved.  These bases will withstand high winds and will not chip or break.   We have the bases available in 30# or 60# sizes and they are all made from recycled tires so you are helping the environment as well.  There will be fewer tires in the landfills, 8 tires for every 60# base!   There are optional 5’ PVC post or 4’ U-channel posts that will attach to the bases allowing for easy sign attachment.   In addition, they are available with or without wheels.   If you are looking for an economical solution for a moveable sign that will withstand some wind, these may be a good option for you.… Read More

How To Properly Use Chevrons

How To Properly Use Chevrons         Chevrons have a very specific use.  They are used to indicate that a curve continues and can be placed closer together or farther apart depending on the tightness of the curve.   Many times chevrons are used incorrectly.  People try to use chevrons to mark that a curve is coming or a turn and this is incorrect.  They are used to mark the curve itself and that it is continuing on, especially if the curve is long.   Arrows are used to mark that a curve or series of curves is coming.  A straight arrow is used to mark the start of the curve or a right or left turn.       Read More

Portable Signs

Portable Signs   Having a portable sign can be a great asset to your business.    Portable signs can be used outside of your business on a daily basis if your village or town will not allow a permanent sign to be installed.  In addition, these signs can be changed so that they can be used for different events or sales.    Furthermore, this type of sign can be used at events that take place away from your main location.  They are small enough to take with you but big enough that they won’t be easily blown around.   Signicades are a great example of this.  A signicade is an a-frame sign that can be seen from both sides.  They can either have your custom graphics on each side or a letter kit so that you can change out the letters as needed. These signs are great for advertising your… Read More

Compliance & Regulatory Signs

  Compliance & Regulatory Signs   Compliance and regulatory signs can serve many different purposes.   They often provide safety information regarding a certain area.  They advise the public of areas that should not be entered or should be entered with caution.    In addition, regulatory signs provide information regarding the rules of the road and how traffic should proceed in certain areas.  For example, a simple speed limit sign tells oncoming traffic how fast the law allows them to drive.   No smoking or tobacco free signs are also considered regulatory signs, and they tell the public that this activity is not permitted in a given area.   Furthermore, a private landowner could use regulatory signs informing people walking along the road not to feed the pastured animals.    As can be seen there are many different types and uses for compliance and regulatory signs.  They are important as… Read More

Should I Use UV Clear Coat?

  Should I Use UV Clear Coat?   We can apply UV Clear Coat to your signs if you should need it.    UV Clear Coat is priced as an additional print color as we actually have to print it onto the sign.  It is most beneficial if you are getting screen printed plastic or aluminum signs that have red or blue in them, as those colors fade the fastest.   That being said, if your signs are going to be primarily in shaded areas or areas that do not receive a lot of direct sunlight you should not need UV clear coat. Read More

Sign Longevity

  Sign Longevity   We receive many questions regarding how long signs will last.  The answer varies depending on the substrate, printing method and colors used.  When we talk about life span we are referring to fading.  Typically fading will occur long before the substrate itself starts to break down, if it ever does.   *Screen Printed Aluminum signs will last the longest with an approximate life span of 15-20 years.  *Screen Printed Plastic signs will last approximately 7 – 10 years. *Digitally printed signs on aluminum or plastic will last approximately 5 – 7 years.   However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many factors that can change this estimation.  Reds and blues tend to be the two colors that fade the fastest.  If you are using these two colors you can expect a shortened life span.   Amount of direct sunlight will alter the… Read More

Tree Identification Tags

Tree Identification Tags Our Tree Identification Tags can be useful for helping to educate people on your trail system or property about the trees that reside there.   We have 161 species available on our tree tags.  These tags are 4” X 6” and are printed on .070 gauge plastic.  They have an ivory background with green print.  If you do not see the tree that you need in our list we can produce custom tree tags as well.  If it is a tree that we have done for someone else before we may already have the artwork, however, if we have not done the one you would like before you will need to supply us with the artwork that you would like on the tag. Custom tree tags are priced per job and will not follow the stock tree tag price list that is in the catalog or on the website. Custom and… Read More

Regular Print Vs. Reverse Print

Regular Print Vs Reverse Print   This can often be a confusing concept for customers so I am going to try and explain it here.  Lets say your sign is going to have a white background a regular print will mean that the letters, logo’s, pictures ect. will be whatever print color you choose and everything behind those images/text will be white. A reverse print is when the background is still white but you will end up with a white border and the letters, logo’s, pictures ect. will be white and everything else will be whatever print color you choose.   In this example both of these signs will be one print color signs with a white background. Read More

Cone Toppers

Cone Toppers We produce a series of signs that are made to either sit on top of a traffic cone or to hang down along the length of a traffic cone.  They are die cut and have cut outs in them so that they will fit into the hole on the top of the cone.  They can be used for events such as running or biking. They can be produced in either a 9” X 12” size on the .070 plastic or a 12” X 18” on .050 plastic.  The 9” X 12” are made to sit on top of the cone and the 12” X 18” are made to hang down the length of the cone. Please visit our cone topper page on our website for more information.  We can also produce blank cone toppers or custom cone toppers if you don’t see anything in our stock selection that… Read More


Banners are a simple and easy way to get your message across no matter what it may be.  They can be display in various ways and can be used as a focal point or backdrop for an event or specific area. There are a few different options when deciding on the type and size of banner.  One of the options is chosing between different weights (thickness).  For example, the most common thickness is 13oz vinyl, which comes with a gloss finish.  If you are using a banner for a backdrop or in photographs, the 15oz matte finish option would be best.  The matte finish is non-gloss and absorbs light. When using a banner outdoors, there is a chance of windy or less than perfect conditions.  In these cases, there is the option of using wind slits in the banner.  Wind slits are simply half moon cut outs that allow the… Read More

Field Stakes (A New Product Offered By Voss Signs)

Field Stakes (A New Product Offered By Voss Signs)   I know it is still summer but we are excited about this new product that we are going to be able to offer.  Field Stakes will be available in a length of 6 feet and bright orange, made out of a durable plastic material that will not crack or break.  White reflective bands will be available at an additional cost and will not be applied.  It is important that your snowmobile trails are double staked so that riders are aware of where the trail is, especially when riding through open fields.  Landowners aren’t too happy when snowmobilers go off the trail, in addition, it could be dangerous.  You cannot see what is under the snow so it is important to stay on the marked trails.  We will be marketing Field Stakes to New York State snowmobile clubs.  These poles are… Read More

Effective Business Signage: 6 Factors

We came across this article on the U.S. Small Business Administration's website and thought that it had some very useful information that we wanted to share.        Effective Business Signage: 6 Factors By Rieva Lesonsky, Guest Blogger Published: August 3, 2015 Updated: August 4, 2015 What’s the first thing that prospective customers see when they approach your business? Your signage tells them where you are, draws their attention and attracts them into your business (or possibly drives them away). Summing up your business brand for the world to see, your business signage creates that all-important first impression. How can you ensure it’s a good one? Whether you’re developing signage for a new business, or updating signage for an existing business, here are some things to consider. What are the constraints affecting signage in your area? Your city’s local zoning ordinances will typically govern the type of signage a business can… Read More

Voss Signs On American Trails Website

Here's a great article that was posted on the American Trails Website.  Trailheads and trail facilities Hosted by Trail Signage from around the United States courtesy of Voss Signs. Providing distinctive identity signs for your trail: examples from around the country From Voss Signs National Recreation Trails (NRTs) provide numerous outdoor recreation activities in a variety of urban, rural, and remote areas. Nearly 1,100 trails in all 50 states, available for public use and ranging from less than a mile to 485 miles in length, have been designated as NRTs on federal, state, municipal, and privately owned lands. Long Island Greenbelt Trail (NEWSDAY’s pick for Best Trails for 2008-2009): Follow the courses of the Nissequogue and Connetquot rivers on all or part of a 32-mile adventure from Long Island Sound to Great South Bay. Bluffs and beaches, ponds and pines, history and diversity - this National Recreation Trail has… Read More

The Ordering Process

The Ordering Process The process of ordering with us is a pretty straightforward one.  We receive your order via e-mail, fax or phone.  Once we take your order along with all of your information we will put your order in our system.  It is at this time that we will run your credit card.     Stock Items: If you are ordering stock items they typically ship that same day or the next day depending on the time that you order.  If for some reason we are out of stock and have to print, your order will ship in a week.    Posted Signs w/Imprints: You will receive your proof within 24 – 48 hours business days (M-F) from the date that your order is placed.  Your order will ship 1 – 1 ½ weeks from the date that you approve your proof.   Custom Signs: You will receive your… Read More

Banner Displays and Stands

Banner Displays and Stands Only second to a table throw, banner stands and displays come in a variety of options and sizes.  The common themes between all stands and displays are that they are easy, portable and a cost effective way to display your brand or message.  If you have constraints with space, transport limitations or time.  One or more of the displays or stands is a simple effective solution to your needs. Read More

Backdrop Displays

Backdrop Displays   This type of display is best suited for a traditional trade show booth space.  This option may require some additional setup time and transporting, while still relatively easy, they tend to take up additional space.  The advantage is a larger area to display information about your brand and message, along with filling the allotted space with a simple professional look. Read More

Table Throws

Table Throws A simple table throw can be placed over a plain undressed fold up table to add a professional look.  The table throw can be either fitted or loose depending on your liking.  You can display your company brand or logo and incorporate some color as well.  This is something that is simple, easy to transport with minimal set up time. Visit our table throw page for more information! Read More

The Importance of Wayfinding Signage

The Importance of Wayfinding Signs Wayfinding signs inform us how we can get to a certain location in a certain area.  They can be found along major highways informing us of how to get to food, gas or lodging.  They can also be found within a city or town to show us how to get to a particular location such as the theatre or museum.  These signs are important as they help us to find our way without getting lost.  Not all maps will have these types of locations labeled on them so the signs can be a big help in getting from place to place. You want your signs to be large enough to be easily read and the placement needs to be appropriate in relation to the desired destination. Locally we have done some wayfinding signage in the City of Syracuse.  These signs help people find different locations… Read More

Making An Impression With Your Signs

Making An Impression With Your Signs Your goal should be to make an impression with your signs.  People are more likely to remember your message if it makes an impression on them. Some ways that you can do this may be to use some different graphics or images that people will remember.  It will make your sign more memorable than using only text.  If you try to use some humor on your sign people are also more likely to remember it.  People remember something makes them laugh or amuses them.  Keeping the message simple will also help.  If your message is too detailed or difficult to understand your sign may be readily forgotten.  If there is too much information people stop reading well before they get to the end.  If your message is simple and concise people will be able to read it without even trying. You also want your… Read More

Perforated Vinyl For Car Windows

Perforated Vinyl for car windows is a similar idea to window tint.  It makes it difficult to see inside from the exterior, but you can see from the inside looking out. The material can be laminated, however, we tend not to do this because it causes haziness when you look out from the inside. This material is ideal for rear and side windows but not for front doors or windshields.  Also if you have perforated vinyl on your rear window it is suggested that you not use your rear wiper if your vehicle has one.  It will leave black streaks and will eventually tear the film. This can be a great way to advertise for your business or even just for your own use if you don’t want to purchase a full vehicle wrap.  If used for this purpose many people do just the rear window.  It is easily visible… Read More

O.L.E.I.S Signage

O.L.E.I.S stands for Onondaga Law Enforcement Information System.  O.L.E.I.S signs are a requirement of this organization when you get an alarm system.  It is the responsibility of the alarm company to forward the appropriate application.  Once this is accomplished, you will receive a packet, which will include your permit along with your O.L.E.I.S number.  It is your responsibility to obtain your O.L.E.I.S plaque, unless your alarm company provided one.  (A list of engravers is included in your packet for your convenience).  Any changes in your information should be made through your alarm system company. O.L.E.I.S signs are 6” X 4” on 1/16” engraving stock.  The sign will be red with white lettering that will include the O.L.E.I.S text and the number assigned. Your O.L.E.I.S sign can either be propped up in the window, facing outward or you can buy the clear sticky tabs from the hardware or craft store and… Read More

ADA Signage

It is important for your business or venue to have signage that is readable for everybody.  ADA signage is important in guiding people to where they need to be. Voss Signs ADA Signs are fully compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act. We also produce custom ADA signs to meet your specific needs.  They are available in high quality acrylic and are manufactured using Grade 2 Raster Braille, which has a compliant dome shape for clarity and comfort. The tactile lettering & legend are raised 1/32” from the base material.  Your goal should be to have everyone who visits your business or venue to have a good time and be safe.  ADA signage helps to insure that this will occur.  Please visit for more information regarding compliance. Read More

Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) signs are 3-dimensional and can be made in many shapes, design and color combinations.  They are available in single or double-sided options.  There are also several finishes available smooth surface, simulated wood grain or metallic painting.  Furthermore, there are many thicknesses available ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½” and 2”.  Anything over 2” will be custom bonded to reach your desired thickness.  The HDU material that we use for these signs is eco-friendly and will not warp or absorb moisture.  This means that high humidity, rain, snow or ice is repelled so your sign won’t warp or crack.  The paint will also last longer and stay brighter.  A sandblasted sign will last approximately 25 years outside depending on the elements and can be used inside as well.  The signs are hand painted with an enamel paint that will strengthen over time and then we use a clear… Read More

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle Magnets Vehicle magnets are a great non-costly way of advertising your business.  We have three common sizes: 12” x 9”, 18” x 12” or 24” x 12”.  Typically they are white with full color print.  However, we can do other background colors as needed.  The magnet material that we use is .030 gauge and they can be non-reflective or reflective. The big benefit of vehicle magnets is that they are removable and should be removed periodically. The area underneath the magnet should be cleaned.  This will help to keep the paint on the vehicle in good condition underneath the magnet.  If you are often changing vehicles or adding new vehicles to your fleet this may be the way to go.  If your business is seasonal and you don’t want the company name on the vehicle all year you can easily remove the magnet when you need to. For more… Read More

Why Should I Purchase A Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are great mobile advertisements for your business.  Wherever your vehicle(s) goes your business will be seen.  We all spend innumerable hours in our cars driving.  A vehicle wrap will greatly increase your exposure to the public making you stand out and get noticed. We have several different ways we can wrap your vehicle.  We can do a full wrap, partial wrap, vehicle lettering with graphics or just vehicle lettering.  Visit our vehicle wraps page for some examples of each of these.  You want your vehicle wrap to stand out but you don’t want it to be so busy that a potential customer can’t figure out what your business is.  It can be vibrant but simple so that it is easy for people driving by, or that you drive by, to know at first glance what your business is. Consider a vehicle wrap if you would like a mobile,… Read More

Why is it important to have signage on my snowmobile/ATV trails?

Why is it important to have signage on my snowmobile/ATV trails? Safety is the biggest reason to have appropriate signage on snowmobile and ATV trails.  Signs warn of sharp curves, culverts, barbed wire, ice, highway-crossings ect.  All of these situations and many more can cause serious injury if a rider is unaware of a potential danger ahead of them.  It is also important to realize that snowmobile and ATV riders are usually riding with some speed so an accident could happen very quickly if they are unaware of any dangers ahead.  In addition, snowmobile signs also serve the obvious purpose of marking the trails so that riders do not get lost. Snowmobile signs allow for posting of speed limits, food, gas and other types of information that riders may need or want to know. This type of signage is reflective because for snowmobiling, in particular, there is a great deal… Read More

Why do PMS colors look different if I view them on a computer monitor or print out?

Why do PMS colors look different if I view them on a computer monitor or print out? We often tell customers that if choosing a PMS color from a chart being viewed on a computer monitor or a printout, there will be a color variation between the monitor or printout and the actual printed sign that they receive. Computer monitors and printers are not color calibrated the same, therefore every computer and printer may show color in a slightly different way. However, using an online PMS chart can be a good way to get a general idea of what color you are looking for.  The printed product will vary slightly in shade.  It will be either slightly lighter or darker depending on your monitor and/or printer. For more information on PMS colors please see our article Guide To PMS Colors.   Read More

Post Types And Uses

U-Channel Posts have predrilled holes that are 1 inch apart.  This post is typically used in conjunction with road signage.  However, they can be useful for other types of signage as well.  The most typical length is 8’ and they come in galvanized or green and 1.12# per foot or 2# per foot.  We wouldn’t suggest using these for snowmobile trails, ATV trails, dirt bike trails ect. as they could injure someone who runs into them. Our Delineator posts are made from recycled & recyclable thermoplastic polymers.  These posts will not rot or rust and will not splinter like fiberglass.  They are flexible so if they are impacted they will not cause as much damage.  The most common use is for the application of 4” X 4” decals.  The posts themselves are 4” wide by 66” tall.  They are available in soft or hard soil with the corresponding anchors making… Read More

Adding QR Codes To Signs

Adding QR codes to your sign is a great way to allow customers to easily and quickly access your website, however, there are a few important things to remember. You will need to supply us with your QR code in the original file it was created in.  We cannot create your QR code for you or recreate it if it is not sent in the original file. QR codes work the best with darker colors.  We can print them in any color that you would like but the darker colors do tend to work the best. Read More

Beaded Reflective Signs Vs. Reflective Sheeting

We produce two different types of reflective signs.  We can either make them beaded reflective or we can use reflective sheeting.  Beaded reflective signs will feel like light sandpaper if you run your hand over them.  They are slightly less reflective than the reflective sheeting.  The biggest advantage is that you get a reflective sign at a lower cost.  This can be advantageous if you are purchasing a high volume of signs and need to keep the cost lower.  Additionally the beaded reflective signs are more tolerant when rubbing against each other if you are transporting them to different trail locations (e.g. in the back of an ATV).  Furthermore, when we make beaded reflective signs we typically produce them on .050 gauge plastic. We can also use 3M reflective sheeting.  The reflective sheeting will be a little more reflective and when we produce them we typically use .070 gauge plastic… Read More

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Business Cards?

What Are The Advantages Of Plastic Business Cards? Our plastic business cards are 3 1/2" X 2" and are on the .024 plastic, which is roughly the thickness of a credit card. These cards are very durable and will not rip or tear and are waterproof.  They are a great solution if you work in the trades and the cards may end up getting wet or thrown around a work truck or van. They are also a good solution if you  simply want something more durable that you don't need to worry about getting destroyed as you are carrying them around. If you are looking for a more durable solution this is a great option.     Read More

The Importance of Font Size & Type

It is very important when designing a sign that you choose the appropriate size and type of font.  The further the distance you want people to be able to see the sign from the larger the font should be.  You also want to choose a font that will be easily readable from a distance.  For example cursive fonts will blend together and may be difficult to read. You may also find that as the font size increases you may need to make the sign itself larger to accommodate all of the information.  However, if the sign doesn't have a lot of information you may be able to use a smaller sign and still maintain the appropriate size font. It is also important to recognize that depending on the type of sign your town, county ect. may require the letters to be a certain height to be legally binding.  For example… Read More

What Colors Should I Choose? (Color Contrast)

It is important to choose colors for your sign that have a lot of contrast.  Certain color combinations contrast more than others.  For example Red & Blue and Red & Green do not contrast well.  You probably would not want to create a sign with a blue background and red print.  You may be able to see what it says up close, but from a distance you probably won't be able to read it at all. Shades of the same color also do not typically work well.  For example if you want a darker orange background with lighter orange print.  You won't be able to see the letters well at all. You want the artwork on your sign to "pop" out so that it is easily visible from near or far.  The more the background and print colors contrast the more likely this is to happen. Read More

Use Of Fluorescent Inks On Signs

We receive many requests to make signs using fluorescent ink.  True fluorescent inks should only be used on signs that are going to be out temporarily.  For example a police department that is putting out No Parking signs for the 4th of July parade but then is going to take them down when the parade is over. The reason for this is that fluorescent inks fade very rapidly and within a month they will fade to more of a pastel orange rather than a fluorescent orange.  In extreme cases the fluorescent may start to appear white again. We can certainly use bright colors but we suggest not using fluorescents unless your signs are only going to be used for short intervals on a temporary basis. Read More

Corrugated Plastic Vs. High Denisty Polyethylene

Corrugated Plastic Vs. High Denisty Polyethylene The majority of the plastic signs that we produce are made of high-density polyethylene plastic.  It is a solid plastic that is very flexible and will not crack when it is bent even if it is very cold out.  This type of plastic sign is made to give you more longevity.  Screen printed plastic signs will last roughly 7-10 years.  This number only refers to fading.  Typically the sign will begin to fade long before the material actually wears down. Corrugated plastic is hollow and has flutes running through it.  Typically this is the type of material that yard signs (political signs) are made out of.  Corrugated plastic is more appropriate for short-term outdoor use.  In addition, the flutes that run through the sign allow for easy installation of stakes for easy mounting in a yard. Read More

Hanging Posted Signs

HANGING POSTED SIGNS (or other light gauge signs on trees) Our standard posted signs come in either .012 aluminum or .024 plastic.  This material is very easy to drill, nail or staple through and holes, therefore, are not needed. It is best whenever possible to use aluminum nails so that if the trees are ever harvested the saws will easily cut through them.  In addition, you will want to leave the nail head about 3/8" out so that the tree has room to grow and will not push the sign off of the nail. It is also best to attach all four corners to the tree so that the wind cannot get under them as easily.  It will also make it a little more difficult for people to pull them off.   Read More

Quantities & Price Breaks For Custom Signs

All of our pricing is quantity based so in order to quote you we will need the quantity of signs that you are looking for.  Our basic price breaks are 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000.  That being said we can do lower or higher quantities if you decide that is what you need.  The pricing will adjust accordingly.  For example if you want 300 signs you will get the pricing from the 250 price break. In order for a custom sign to fall within a price break the specifications (size, gauge, material, ect.) and artwork on those signs will all need to be exactly the same.  For example if all of your specifications match but you want an A on one sign and a B on the other, those two signs can not be combined for quantity pricing. The only exception to this is the background color.  Many times… Read More

Die Cut Signs

Die Cut Signs are typically cut to an unusual shape, anything other than a square, triangle or rectangle.  However, they can be a square, triangle or rectangle with a shape cut out of them.  In order to do this type of sign we need to purchase a die.  The cost of the die is then charged to the customer.  If we have the die already then there is no charge for the die.  For example we have circle dies in many different sizes. The dies for aluminum and the dies for plastic are different, a plastic die cannot cut aluminum and vice versa.  Plastic dies can cut .024, .050, .070 & .110 gauge while aluminum dies can cut .012 and .032 gauge.  The heavier gauge aluminum cannot be die cut (.063 & .080). Die cut signs are more costly per piece than signs that are not die cut.  Die cutting… Read More

Vehicle Wrap FAQ's

Applying a vehicle wrap to your vehicle is a great way to have a mobile advertisement for your business.  Sometimes a simple design is more effective.  If the design is too busy it can be difficult to determine what message is trying to be sent. There are some technical issues to keep in mind when considering a vehicle wrap. Over-exposure to sun/heat is what breaks down vinyl graphics after a period of time.  The roof and hood tend to be the first to go.  Graphics will start to fade and then the laminate will begin to crack. Wrapping over rust is never a good idea.  The vinyl will not adhere well and can cause those areas to rust quicker as moisture will be trapped on the oxidation area. Wraps are meant for factory paint without damage prior to the installation.  Aftermarket paint jobs from a body shop are just sprayed… Read More

Decal Adhesion On Preexisting Signs

Many times customers will call and ask us to make decals to put on signs that they already have up.  This is often being requested because the customer needs to change an address, name, ect. There are several things to keep in mind when considering the purchase of decals to apply to a preexisting sign. Typically decals will adhere to an aluminum sign better than a plastic sign especially if the sign has already been hung and has been out in the elements. The area on the sign that the decal is being applied to needs to be extremely clean.  We usually suggest cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol.  If the area is not clean and free of dirt and grease you will not get good adhesion. It is also important to keep in mind that the decal is not going to last as long as the sign.  At some… Read More

Staff Bio (Rebecca Hartz) Sales Department

We have decided to start adding some biographies to our blog for our staff members so that you can get to know us a little better.  I figured, might as well start with mine! An Unconventional Path By Rebecca Hartz When I was a wet behind the ears freshman in the Equine Studies Program at Cazenovia College, many years ago, I never would have dreamed that my future would have included working for Voss Signs.  I had been involved in the Equine Industry or an offshoot of it for 30 years from childhood to adulthood. At some point along the way I decided I needed a change, while working I began pursuing my MBA at SUNY Oswego.  A few years after graduating I heard through the grape vine that Voss Signs was hiring in their sales department.  This intrigued me. It would be the first job I had ever had… Read More

What Is Interpretive Signage?

Interpretive signage typically uses pictures to deliver a message.  International symbols are the most commonly used pictures.  For example using the international symbol of a person with a dog on a leash means that dogs are allowed on leashes. The benefit of using international symbols is that they always mean the same thing no matter where you use them and they are well known and easy to understand. These signs quickly give the viewer a message without having to read any text.  It is a quick and efficient way to get your message across. Interpretive signage can mean that something is allowed or prohibited.  The prohibited version will have a red slash across it or a red circle with a slash. Read More

Highland Forest Hike & Delineator Posts (Click Read More to View Video)

This video illustrates how a local park, Highland Forest, has made use of our delineator posts.  The delineator post is made out of recycled and recyclable engineering thermoplastic polymers that are impervious to rot or rust.  They will also not splinter like fiberglass, become brittle in the cold or soften in the heat.  Typical posts are 4" wide by 66" tall.  You will see in this video how Highland Forest had plastic cut (which we also supplied) to add to the top of the post so that they could have more useable surface area.  This is a unique idea that I thought was worth sharing.  Enjoy the video.  Also visit Highland Forest's Page! Read More

Material Sizing - Good Cut Vs Bad Cut

We have different standard sizes that we produce that are good cuts out of the raw material we purchase.  A good cut means that we can cut out of the raw material and not have any waste that cannot be used. Out of the light gauge materials (.012 aluminum & .024 plastic) the following are good cuts: 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" 3 3/4" X 5 5/8" 3 3/4" X 7 1/2" 5 5/8" X 5 5/8" 5 5/8" X 7 1/2" 7 1/2" X 7 1/2" 7 1/2" X 11 1/4" 11 1/4" X 11 1/4" Out of all the other gauges of both plastic & aluminum the following are good cuts: 9" X 12" 12" X 12" 12" X 18" 18" X 24" 24" X 24" 24" X 36" We can cut any size in between that you would like but more often than not you will get… Read More

To Drill Holes or Not To Drill Holes

Typically signs produced using light gauge material, .024 plastic and .012 aluminum do not need to have holes drilled, as the material is so easy to nail or drill right through. With the heavier gauge custom signs it will depend on whether or not the signs are going to be hung the same way every time.  Some customers decide not to have us drill the holes because they may hang them in many different ways.  They find that it is easier to drill the holes themselves so they can drill them in different places depending on how they are being mounted. Some of our stock signs come without drilled holes for this reason.  Ohter stock signs have holes drilled at the most commonly used location for that particular type of sign. However, if you are ordering a custom sign and know that you are going to be mounting the signs… Read More

Stock Signs Vs Custom Signs

Stock signs are signs that we print by the hundreds or thousands and then put on the shelf.  These are all listed on our website and in our catalog.  They have item numbers with specific artwork and specifications. Custom signs are basically anything else.  We can do custom signs where the entire sign is created from scratch or we can take one of our stock signs and modify it to suit your needs.  Whichever option you choose will be considered custom even if we are using one of our stock signs as a starting point. If you create a custom sign with us and then order it again at some point further down the road it will still be considered a custom sign, as it is not something we are going to print and then stock on the shelf. Read More

Reflective (3M reflective sheeting or beaded reflective) Vs Non-Reflective

Reflective (3M reflective sheeting or beaded reflective) Vs Non-Reflective A reflective sign is only reflective at night.  If your sign really only needs to be seen during the day making them reflective will not make them more visible and a non-reflective sign will work fine. Furthermore, a reflective sign needs to have a light (e.g. headlight or flashlight) shining on it in order to see it.  They will not be reflective without being acted upon by an outside light source. There are two types of reflective material that we use, 3M reflective sheeting or reflective beading.  The main differences between the two are cost and level of reflectivity.  Reflective sheeting comes in different grades: Engineer Grade, Engineer Grade Prismatic or High Intensity Prismatic.  Engineer Grade or Engineer Grade Prismatic is usually reflective enough for what most people need.  High Intensity is more often seen on road signs and is typically… Read More

What are PMS colors?

What Are PMS Colors? PMS stands for Pantone Matching System.  This system assigns a number to a color and allows us to match the color using that numbering system. This is how we match colors for all of our screen printed signs.  You can look up PMS color charts online in order to get a PMS number for us.  However, it is important to keep in mind that your computer monitor and printer are not color calibrated the same, therefore every computer and printer may show color in a slightly different way so there will be a slight color variation between what you see on your screen and the printed sign that you receive.  Here is a link for a chart that we find useful, PMS color chart. If you are not very specific  about the shade of a particular color that you want, many times we have colors already… Read More

Background Colors, Print Colors & Tints (Screen Printed Signs)

Background colors are typically the color of the plastic or white if your signs are on alumunium except for the .012 gauge.  On the .012 gauge aluminum you can have whatever background color you would like at no additional charge. If we have to coat the .032, .063 or .080 aluminum any color other than white there will be an additional charge.  If we have to coat any of the plastic gauges any color that the plastic does not come in there will be an additional charge. The background color does not count as a print color.  Print colors include every color that you print on top of the background color. The cost of the sign will increase per print color. We are also able to print with tints.  If you have a spot color such as blue, a tint would be a different shade of that original spot color… Read More

What Gauge (thickness) Material Do I Need?

What Gauge (thickness) Material Do I Need? Aluminum comes in .012, .032, .063 & .080 gauge. Plastic comes in .024, .050, .070 & .110 gauge. The .012 aluminum & .024 plastic are not self supporting so they will need to have some kind of a backer behind them such as a tree or board.  The .024 plastic is roughly the thickness of a credit card while the .012 aluminum is roughly the thickness of a soda can. A typical rule of thumb is that the larger the sign the thicker the material, unless the sign is going to be supported by a building ect.  Plastic in particular is affected by heat, so if a plastic sign is going to be in a lot of heat and direct sunlight the lighter gauges will start to curl.  The .110 gauge does this less then any of the others.  To give you an… Read More

Plastic Vs Aluminum

Plastic Vs. Aluminum, Which is Right for You? The two biggest differences between aluminum and plastic signs are the price and longevity. Typically aluminum signs are more costly than plastic signs.  However, aluminum signs will last for approx. 15-20 years before they begin to fade.  Plastic will last approx. 7-10 years before they begin to fade.  Many times the signs will go longer if they are in areas where they are not receiving a lot of direct sunlight.  For example if the signs are in a largely wooded area they will fade at a slower rate. Blues & Reds do tend to fade faster than the other colors. The above information pertains to screen printed signs if the signs are digitally printed please see screen printing vs. digital printing. There are safety issues to keep in mind when trying to decide between aluminum and plastic.  For example you may not… Read More

Screen Printing Vs Digital Printing

Screen printed signs are made by applying ink directly to the substrate surface.  Most often it is better to screen print signs if you are looking for a low number of print colors and a high quantity of signs (10 or more).  Screen printed signs will also have more longevity 7-10 years on plastic and 15-20 years on aluminum. Digitally printed signs are made by printing on vinyl and then the vinyl is applied to the substrate.  It is better to digitally print signs if you are looking for a lower quantity (less then 10) or a high number of print colors (more than 4).  Digitally printed signs will have less longevity at 5-7 years. Read More

Proofing & Production Time

It is our company policy that we send you a .pdf proof for all custom signs even if you are repeating a sign that you have done before.  This also includes posted signs with imprints and special event signs with personalizations.  Many of our customers do many different signs with us.  Not only do we need to make sure the artwork is correct but we also need to verify that we have the correct sign. You will receive your proof within 24-48 hours business days (M-F) from the date that your order is placed.  The proof will come directly from our graphic designer.  Your signs will not go into production until we receive your proof approval. From the date you approve your proof the following production times apply: Custom Signs:                      2 - 2 1/2 Weeks Posted Signs With Imprint:   1 - 1 1/2 Weeks Digital Signs                        … Read More

Sign & Digital Graphics Article Hurricane Harvey

We came across this article in the Sign & Digital Graphics Daily News letter and thought that it was worth repeating.  Our hearts go out to those dealing with this tragedy in Texas.   Texas Sign Association Taking Donations to Help Members Affected by Harvey September 1, 2017   by:  Tony Kindelspire Sign associations and others involved in the sign and graphics industry from across the U.S. have been reaching out and contacting the Texas Sign Association and asking how they can help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, according to Leona Stabler, executive director of the Bryan, Texas-based nonprofit. “They are being very supportive. We’re receiving help from all over the country,” Stabler says. “The sign industry is a fabulous industry and people are really stepping up to open up their pocketbooks and their hearts. It’s just a fabulous industry and people are being very generous.” She’s been contacted from… Read More

Posted Signs & Imprints

We are able to put an imprint on the bottom of your posted signs.  Most people put their name and address, however, some will put a name and phone number and others will put just a name.  It is really personal preference. You may want to check with your state's DEC to see what requirements they have to make it leagally binding should you ever need to prosecute. The imprint is at the bottom of the sign.  There are two lines available with 45 characters per line.  The letters are all capitals and are 3/8" tall. We can do enlarged imprints, however, there is an additional charge, as it will vary from our standard.  If you would like an enlarged imprint it will change your sign to a full custom increasing the lead-time as well as the cost. Read More

Sign Storage

  The best option is to hang your signs as soon as they are received, as they will continue curing after they are hung. If you should need to store them they will need to be stored on end like a book.  If you lay the box flat for an extended period of time the signs will often stick together. In addition, the signs should never be allowed to become wet while in the box.  This will cause them to stick together and peel.  Getting wet includes everything from getting rained on to condensation from being stored in a damp environment.  Keep in mind that once the signs are hung moisture and wetness is not a problem.  It is only when they are stacked that it becomes a problem.   Read More

Welcome To Our BLog

  Welcome To Our Blog Our goal for this blog is to provide you, our cutomers, with answers to your questions as well as a place for you to find useful information regarding signs. Much of the material in our blog was created as a result of questions that come from our customers on a daily basis. If you have questions that are not answered by the blog please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-473-0698. Read More